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I recently wrote an essay on the influence of artistic visions in architecture, with a focus on the Expressionist Movement. It’s a little full-on to read but I thought I’d share a bit of it because I think it’s quite an interesting topic and you might find something of worth in it. So here’s an introduction:

THE BUILT CONSCIOUSNESS In the minds of Hans Scharoun & Frank Gehry:

Architecture is often thought to be prompted by, and subjected to, a physical context: the landscape, topography, materials, and so forth. Rarely can architecture be solely derived from the imaginative spaces within the context of the mind. Yet it is first in the mind that a flat wall becomes curved. This is the intuitive process of forming a vision. The most resonating architectural creations are those that can be readily defined by the vision that they embody. The liberated and frenetic visions of the post-war German Expressionists, Hans Scharoun in particular, gave way to some of the most evocative and iconic structures in architectural history. Their revelation was in recognising a whole new context that existed within the expanse of the imagination. Such a context continues to be revisited and explored up to this day, with Frank Gehry taking over as the leading maker of iconic architectural expressions. This essay will examine the necessity, success, and limitations of an architecture based on expression. After all, how solid is architecture when built not on the physical, but rather the metaphysical?

If you want to read more you can look through the pages I’ve uploaded below. The quality might be a bit lacking but I’m counting on the fact that no one’s actually going be that keen on reading the whole thing…

Please give credit if you wish to use any of the above content. Leave a comment if you would like a copy sent to you.


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