DIY- Crafty Mexican Skulls


I really haven’t been blogging much at all this year, time has unfortunately not been on my side. But last night, I was able to take some time off to do some craft at a wonderful little workshop run by Surry Hills Library. The theme was (Mexican inspired) SKULLS and HALLOWEEN (the less scary and more fun version).

It was really quite simple. What we used:

  • Felt- pick some good colours!
  • Embroidery thread/needle- also pick good colours, fun to mix things up.
  • Glue (optional, but speeds some things up)
  • Print out template.


What we did:

  1. Printed out a picture of a Mexican skull from the internet, then traced it onto felt to cut out the outline.
  2. Cut two circles and trimmed them into flowers for the eyes.
  3. Went freestyle with the embroidery thread, small flowers are simple.
  4. Did I say freestyle? I meant it, everyone ended up with completely different looking skulls! Quite wonderful.

Some more pictures…




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