DIY- Laced Asymmetrical Skirt

I have an ever growing stash of second hand clothes as a result of an unhealthy amount of op-shopping. I normally fall in love with the patterns and forget about the fact that the clothes don’t actually fit me. So I’ve finally made some plans to start altering the oversized dresses and what-nots piled at the bottom of my wardrobe. Taking inspiration from A Pair and A Spare’s tutorial, I’ve decided to turn a vintage dress into an asymmetrical/fishtail skirt. I love the flow and drape of asymmetrical skirts, take a look at some I found online:

Left to right: H&M, Bershka, Polyvore, See You Monday

Ok, let’s get started! This is what you’ll need:

  1. A long skirt or a waisted dress (you will need to cut the dress at the waist to use the bottom part as a skirt).
  2. Sewing machine (it’s also do-able via hand sewing).
  3. Elastic.
  4. Scissors and a seam ripper.
  5. Lace trim of your choosing.

The next steps depend on how much your skirt/dress needs altering- mine needed quite a bit because I had to remove the top half of my dress and then re-gather the waist:

  1. [Skip this step if you already have a skirt to work with] Unpick the dress at the waist so you’re left with just the skirt part.
  2. Lay the skirt down folded in half with the front on one side and the back on the other (think about how the symmetry is going to work when you cut across it). Cut an elongated ‘s’ shape at your desired length. Make sure that the area cut at the shorter end of the skirt is somewhat straight for at least 15cm.
  3. [Skip this step if your skirt already has a fitting waistband] Measure out a length of elastic that fits around your waist and thread it into the waistband.
  4. Hem the skirt and sew on the lace trim.

Easy! And this is the end result of my alteration (forgot to take a ‘before’ shot) showing the top half of the original dress. Seriously love the floral fabric:


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