DIY- Peggy Necklace

I came across Sandra Backlund‘s amazingly sculptural fashion pieces the other day, and one particular piece struck me (see above). Her fantastic innovation of forming beautiful objects out of pegs is truly inspiring! So simple yet complex, an everyday object transformed into something spectacular. This inspired me to create a simpler and more wearable version of her peg creations. I started with making a peg pendant.

I began with:

  1. Pegs! I chose the ‘mini’ sizes, and bought a packet with 50 pegs for only $2.
  2. Superglue. Make sure you choose a fast drying one otherwise it will get messy.
  3. Suitable chain to attach the peg pendant onto.


  1. Remove the metal clips from each peg. 
  2. Glue the flat sides of the 2 separated peg pieces together to form a new piece.
  3. Glue the bottom tips of the new pieces together. 
  4. I stopped gluing when I got half way around because I quite liked the fan shape and it was much easier to attach my gold chain onto.
  5. You can also choose to continue gluing everything together until you have one complete circle. It looks like a flower or snowflake.

The finished products:

See full outfit here

The repetition of the objects create lovely patterns and looks laser cut rather than handmade. It took roughly 10 minutes to glue each pendant together, so it’s definitely one of the faster DIYs I’ve made. Verdict: you MUST try it yourself!


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