DIY- Knitted Block Jumper

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last blog! It’s safe to say that I got up to quite a bit during that time… I picked up a new hobby- knitting! I’ve knitted the odd scarf here and there before but I decided to set myself the challenge of knitting a jumper this time. I had seen lots of funky jumpers floating around (it’s almost winter here in Australia) and thought, why not knit my own? Here are some designs that inspired me:

I’m loving block coloured knits and funky wool patterns at the moment. Above: Top Shop, Asos

So a few knitting skills you’ll need to have before you can knit a jumper (don’t be scared, if you can knit a scarf, you can knit a jumper- seriously):

Once you have the above skills you can attempt to knit a jumper! I’m not actually going to provide a knitting pattern for my jumper in this post mainly because I didn’t follow one (if you would like step-by-step knitting patterns, visit Knitting On the Net, they have great patterns). Once you know the basic shapes of a jumper then you can simply approximate the shape when you start knitting (by using increases and decreases). The shapes are:

*Note that the dotted lines indicate ribbing.

A few tips for you when you’re knitting your jumper:

  • To create the colour blocking effect, use two/more wool colours and alternate.
  • If you’re an impatient knitter like myself, stick to thick wools and thick needles (7mm).
  • Work at your own pace. Don’t rush, otherwise you’ll drop stitches.
  • Learn how to pick up dropped stitches (a crochet needle is handy).

If scarves and beanies is all that you’ve knitted before, then it’s definitely time to start a jumper. I hope this post inspired you a little bit and I wish you all the best!



  1. Cool DIY! I agree, this would look perfect with skinnys and boots!

  2. Great shape! Perfect with skinny jeans.

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