Paper Power

I have recently developed an obsession with all things paper. There are hundreds of artists out there who have used this simple yet versatile material and transformed it into exciting, artistic creations. The .gif above features one of my favourite artists, Matt Shlian’s, paper sculpture. We’re definitely seeing a lot of ‘contemporary origami’ emerge from the world of art and design. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves in this post:

Yuko Nishimura– architectural paper sculptures and designs.

Lisa Nilsson– beautifully rolled paper to replicate the human anatomy.

Jum Nakao– paper fashion.

Lucas Chimello– paper collage and layering.

Matt Shlian– finish this post off with another little paper sculpture by Matt.

Note: Pleat Farm is a great blog I found with some really interesting paper creations. Enjoy!


One comment

  1. Love paper! Just blogged about it today, but now all of a sudden collage just seems so…hmm..mediocre. These artists have created some pretty spectacular pieces. Thanks for posting! Julie

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