The Bold and Geometric

A large part of contemporary design comes in the form of graphic art and illustration. Lately, I’ve been coming across some amazing works just browsing online (well, mostly from my Tumblr addiction). Some of the more interesting graphic illustrations I came across involved combining the human figure with geometric elements to form very distinctive and dynamic portraits. These geometric forms are often triangles, lines, and sharp, distorted angles. So this inspired me to experiment with some graphic designs of my own. I used Illustrator to create the lines and then Photoshop to add layers. The technique is simply creating a net of triangles and then selecting different areas within that net to manipulate. I used methods of overlaying and inverting colours. Simple!

The images above and directly below are the results of my playing around:



I really love the fragmented and colourful effects in the above works. They turn the image of an ordinary face into something unique and exciting! It’s not at all hard to achieve similar results with a few edits, so give it ago!



  1. I have always enjoyed Lisas work, but quite intrigued by Alessandros. I am a little scared of portraits, but have started to feel the urge to create one…this may be a good way to get into it.

    • Yes, Alessandro’s technique is very different from Lisa’s…but imagine sitting in front of a computer and drawing up those tiny shapes and lines! And I’m glad you’re starting to get into portraits, they are very fun to work with!

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