It’s Looking Up!

I’ve always had a problem with the building-scape of Sydney CBD. There’s just a lack of unity and harmony between all the designs, with many of the more contemporary skyscrapers/taller buildings fighting for attention from one another (kind of seems like a mess). But I recently saw these buildings from a new perspective, literally. I went out with a camera one day and decided to photograph the buildings from below. I visited a few narrow laneways and was drawn to the visible pieces of sky which seemed to have been cut out between the outline of buildings. It was a really lovely, different experience and I now have a new spatial understanding of the city as well as an appreciation for the ways a building ‘touches’ the sky.

Before I post a few more photos I took from the day, I wanted to share an ingenious graphic design project from Lisa Rienermann¬†because it demonstrates exactly what I’m raving on about. It’s a typography project titled ‘Type the Sky’ and is basically a visual alphabet formed from the negative spaces between buildings:

I love when art and design reveals a new way of seeing things! Anyway, here a few shots I took from the city:


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