Articulating Architecture


The New Year generally leads to a bit of reflection on the past. For me, this reflection happens during my sudden compulsions to clean. As an architecture student, it’s not only my room that becomes a mess- the amount of disorganised and sporadic files that pile up on my laptop is also completely shameful. But having said that, it’s always a pleasure to look through the progress of my works across the semester.

The thing that really stands out is the wide variety of graphic representation that I’ve experimented with across the year. It’s essential for architects (as well as aspiring architects) to express their design ideas through emotive and captivating presentation techniques but it’s always easier said than done. Anyway, I’ve decided to share a few of my diagrams/renderings/drawings from this year as well as some other renderings from inspiring architects (such as Matt Schlian as seen in the above image).

Below is my project for a ‘shed’ that would serve the needs of a local emergency service. I went with a hand-drawn, textured effect across the panels.

I’m probably only 60% satisfied with my work this year because I feel like I lost motivation toward the end and also my tutors became a bit lazy as well. But, here are a few graphic styles that I actually love 100% (please note they are not my works and I also don’t remember a lot of the names of the artists so forgive me for not providing links):

Another drawing by Matt Schlian.

A very artistic, hand rendered floorplan.

Love the dynamic energy conveyed through the shapes and lines.

Atmospheric and very old rendering.

Not sure if you’d noticed, but I absolutely crave the abstract, expressive stuff! I hope one day I will be able to produce works similar to the above…if not this year, there’s always the next!


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