DIY- Pom Pom Scarf

I went shopping after Boxing Day and finally bought some pom-pom trim! I’ve been waiting to find some so I can sew it onto a scarf. Why? Because pom-poms add fun and pizzazz to everything. Here are some pom-pom trim scarves I had a look at for inspiration:

From Left: Mod Clothing, Sugar Mill

So this is what you’ll need:

  1. A scarf of your choosing. I went with a geometric print which I think works well.
  2. Pom-pom trim. Measure it out so that it is able to go along the 4 edges. Choose a colour that’s either in contrast with the scarf (if it’s a plain colour), or pick a colour that is on the scarf’s print so it’s matching.
  3. Sewing machine, or you can sew it by hand if you’re patient and skilled (unlike me).

Okay so here are the really complicated steps… Just kidding, there’s only one step: sew the pom-pom trim along the 4 edges! It can be a bit tricky, so take it slow. If you’re using a machine, here’s a tip for doing the corners: leave the needle in the scarf, raise the foot and then turn the scarf to the next edge, put the foot back down.

So here was my final product:

Here are some ways to wear it (I came up with these as I was making this post):

Well that was fun. I probably have a slight addiction to pom-poms now…



  1. This is so awesome, I remember seeing Blake Lively in a magazine wearing a pom-pom scarf! Now I just have to make one too, esp. because I got a sewing machine for Christmas!

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