Textures from Tibet

I recently found the pictures I took from my trip to the Tibetan regions in South West China. Nostalgia! How I have forgotten the sheer delight of colours painted across their little towns and local villages. Sydney suddenly seems relentlessly dull. Even the Christmas lights and Christmas decorations don’t compare…Tibet screams happiness and festivity everyday of the year! So, I’d like to share a few of these pictures with you (some of them are phone camera quality because I was silly and didn’t have my proper camera on me 24/7):

The colourful and inviting doors of a local restaurant…

The roof of somewhere I don’t even remember but it’s brilliant…

A detail of a door frame…

These flags have prayers printed on them and every time they move with the wind it means the prayers are being recited… 

East Tibetan Temple on a cloudy day…

But really you must go see for yourselves!


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