DIY- Pom Pom Chain Necklace

For some reason I’ve been seeing pom poms everywhere- on scarves, hats and now even necklaces. If pom poms are going to be the next trend then I have to say it will be an extremely fun trend to follow. Pom poms remind me of fun childhood craft projects which definitely brings a smile to my face. This particular pom pom necklace DIY is inspired by a necklace I found on ASOS:

Necklaces by Les Nereides via ASOS

Could not believe they were being sold for $60+ especially when they seem so straight forward to make. So, this approach uses just single pom poms (which is easier to get your hands on), the other approach you might want to try is using pom pom trim which Honestly WTF does in their pom pom necklace tutorial.

So this is what you’re going to need:

  1. 2 gold chains each approx. 40 cm in length. Use 2 different chain sizes for variation.
  2. Gold jump rings, I used about 4.
  3. Gold ‘lobster claw’, which is the hook thing.
  4. Embroidery thread. Use colours matching your pom poms.
  5. Pom poms! I bought a pack that had 4 varieties of colour.
  6. Sewing needle and thread.
  7. Jewellery Pliers (optional)

The next steps are fairly straight forward, all you’ll need to do is create a simple chain necklace and then decorate it:

  1. Create the chain necklace by measuring desired lengths of your gold chain. It’s really up to you how you want to go about this- I went with an asymmetrical doubled up chain necklace. Use the jump rings to connect the various chains. Sorry I can’t be more clear but hopefully the image above will help…
  2. Attach the lobster claw on one end where the necklace joins, and a jump ring on the other end to connect the necklace. You might not need to do this if your necklace is long enough to fit around your head.
  3. Thread or braid the embroidery thread over parts of the necklace. If you’re threading, it’s simply over/under on each of the chain links. If you’re braiding, make sure you have two strands of thread- tie down the threads on one link and then loop one strand into the next link, tie a knot with the other strand and continue onwards. That probably made no sense, but it’s easy to figure out once you try for yourself.
  4. Sew the pom poms on near where there is thread, you’ll find that this is easier and you can disguise the sewing thread better…
  5. You can also add other things like little ribbon bows, thread coloured fabric through the chain.

The end result is a fun and colourful necklace that works pretty well with summer tank tops. I love the different variations that you can create for the necklace. Extremely happy that I got to make something with pom poms, the childhood me would be so proud.


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