Street Art. On an island.

This post is mainly a show-and-tell about my visit to the recent Outpost Exhibition on Cockatoo Island, which celebrated the talent of multiple international street artists. I’ve always been a big fan of street art (when done well) because I honestly believe that art should never be caged within the walls of a gallery. The artistic vandalism of local street artists also entertains me on lonely train rides. So the exhibition featured large street art murals and installations set up against the industrial backdrop of the island. As much as I’d love to keep writing about what I saw and felt during my visit, it’s probably easier for my pictures to do the talking:

‘Temple” by Beastman

It was a rather ominous day on the island.

Quirky tribal installation by Phibs

For fear of taking up too much space, I’ve uploaded the rest of the photos as a gallery, please click on the thumbnails below to enlarge:

The sheer multitude of installations presented in the brilliantly unique styles of the featured artists was actually quite overwhelming. I took more than a hundred photos and had to restrain myself from not uploading everything. Would also like to mention that even though I’ve been to Cockatoo Island many times for Biennales and general wondering around, I still fall in love with it more each time I go. The atmosphere and history that the island offers is just unlike anything else in Sydney. So that’s all I have to say on that, if you would like to read a more in-depth re-cap of the exhibition, check out Brooklyn Street Art.


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