DIY- Vintage Book Clutch

So this is my first DIY post and I have to warn you it’s a very basic tutorial (so you have minimal exposure to my bad instructions). This project was inspired by some great book clutch designs on Etsy- check out these book handbags by RokkiHandbags! Also, if you want a step-by-step picture tutorial there’s a great one by Dirty Hems.

Ok, let’s get started. You will need:

  • A hardcover book (you can find some really neat ones at an op shop)
  • 1 or 2 zippers to go along the edge of the book (I used 2 zippers so I could get a split opening)
  • A hot glue gun or super glue (or any other fast drying and strong glue)
  • Calico (I chose calico because it’s a strong woven fabric with a creamy tone that resembles the colour of book pages but of course you can choose your own fabric)
  • A sewing machine (optional, but always makes life easier)
  • A cutting blade

Now, the basic idea is to make a flexible fabric clutch that’s roughly the size of the hardcover book and then simply gluing it in place…

  1. Cut out the pages of the book with a cutting blade.
  2. You can then take some rough measurements from your hardcover to create the fabric base for the clutch. You will need to also cut two strips of fabric to sew your zipper onto the edge. Don’t forget to leave room for seams.
  3. If you are using just one zipper, make sure you add a fabric barrier (no idea what the technical name would be) on both sides of the clutch so your stuff doesn’t fall out when you open it.
  4. Sew the zipper along the edge of the clutch. There’s no right order to how you sew the clutch together, just go with what you think makes sense.
  5. Then apply glue on both the clutch and hardcover then press down and join!

Note: it’s actually a lot trickier than it sounds. But hang in there, the result is so worth it! When you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can also try lining the inside with nice fabrics, add pockets and other fancy things…

It’s such a quirky, fun way to recycle old books…give it a go!

All images by dottyspeckles.



  1. Hey, thank you for referring people to my website! I’m honored. (I apologize that it took me two years to discover your article.) I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Love the art.

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